Literacy Labels© was presented at the International Meeting for Autism Research in Baltimore in May



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…An innovative mobile application, Literacy LABELS©, was created on the iOS platform that utilizes QR code technology. The application scans the QR codes on the printed labels that are placed on actual physical objects (Fig 1). New labels can be created within the application to customize the intervention for the participant’s needs. The application has games that provide repetition of skills learned during the scanning of the physical labels (Fig 2). A more elaborated single case, A-B design study is underway replicated across three children who have severe-moderate autism to measure the identification of previously unknown words before and after intervention. Maintenance data will be collected on the retention of word identification skills. As an ancillary measure, we will document oral ability to attempt spelling and/or speaking newly learned words. This will produce empirical evidence documenting the benefits of intervention with Literacy LABELS©…

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