PURDUE EXPONENT: New app to help students with special needs

Article by Cody Denton on October 27, 2016 Children with autism spectrum disorder around the world are going to be able to receive alternative methods of education specialized to them, thanks to Purdue University Startups. Nancy Rasche, a clinical assistant professor and founder of the Purdue-affiliated startup Experience Design Group, LLC, has been developing an[…]

PURDUE TODAY ARTICLE: Read about Class of 2016 Startups

Purdue announces largest ever startup class based on university innovations, October 5, 2016. Nancy Rasche, a clinical assistant professor in Purdue’s Polytechnic Institute, co-founded Experience Design Group LLC in fiscal year 2016 to develop educational mobile applications designed as instructional tools to help people with special needs learn new or difficult skills. Read more at[…]